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"It's addicting, as all Radio Drama's are, because your mind is the stage! -Russ Lewis"
"The capt is cool man. He must have a lot of time on his hands. I think he works for a government school.- Curtis Rock"

Hello and welcome…to this Radio Drama Page, my name is Capt

Hello and welcome…to this Radio Drama Page, my name is Capt. Joe Ely Carrales, III and I am he author of a political satire type that is yet to take hold in America…The Radio Drama.

For many years, I have been a fan of old time radio shows like “Fibber McGee and Molly” and the “Great Gildersleeve.” Sadly, these radio dramas of the past are no longer made. I am also a fan of modern Political Talk Radio Shows like the nationally produced Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and Lars Larson Shows and local South Texas favorites The Eric Von Wade Show, Lago in the Morning and, yes, even NPR.  What better way to combine the two radio genres than with “One Night in Corpus Christi.”



"I have never read such a political satire -J.D. Tracy"
"Ooo, Lorelei. That has to be the sexiest name I've ever heard. Too bad she reads like a bi-atch! - The Realist"

What’s the Show about


What’s the Show about? 

“One night in Corpus Christi” follows the lives of Douglas and Honey McKillyou and their neighbors, Reggie Parkinson and Trixie Walker, as they try to deal with life in the “Capital of South Texas,” Corpus Christi.

The purpose of the episodes is to provide commentary on local and national issues and, perhaps above all, to entertain.  Fan feedback is appreciated, welcomed and actually used. It is hoped that one can gain insight into South Texas life by reading about it.  Don’t worry, extra pains are endured to insure that the writing isn’t too, regional.

So please take the time to read these scripts and see if they “float your boat!”

Characters Pages- Click here to read about your favorite “One Night in Corpus Christi” Characters.


"One Night in Corpus Christi" ©2003, 2004 Copyright Carrales Studios Productions

SEASON 1 December 2003

SEASON 1 December 2003

1)       “The Cat Burglar”- Pilot Episode We are introduced to Douglas and Honey McKillyou as they defend their home from…well, just click and find out!

2)        “On What Side is You Bread Buttered?”- Douglas, Honey and Mr. Parkinson try to deal with bisexuality and having to give a sermon at church.

3)       “Mistaken Indemnity?”- Douglas and the gang have to deal with the effect of gossip and a press that will print anything.

4)       “Faculty Meeting?”- Douglas goes head to head with this Principal, Principal Dumples, and Honey spikes his cereal with…well, you will just have to click here!”

5)       “Home Invasion”- Douglas and Honey are “caught in the act” by two burglars.

6)       “Shattered Principal”- Doug’s second round with Principal Dumples: Administrator. Reggie Parkinson actually “gets some,” but does he want it?

7)       “Council Meeting”- Doug and Reggie face the Corpus Christi City Council and…oh yeah…Reggie isn’t a bisexual.

8)       “Honey’s Christmas Carol- Honey throws Doug out of the house and is visited by three Hosts of Christmas.

9)       “Where Legal Eagles Dare”- Douglas is forced to deal with a hole in the kitchen wall, his lesbian mother-in-law and the legal system.

10)    “Holiday in the Country”- Douglas and Honey spend New Year’s Eve with Douglas’ father, Roger, in Premont, Texas.  Plenty of small town fun.

11)    “Wal*Smarty”- Douglas and Honey return to Corpus Christi only to deal with an afternoon at Wal*Mart.  Find out why all men hate shopping with their wives and, what’s more, what are Reggie and Trixie up to.



"One Night in Corpus Christi" celebrates is 2nd season!
SEASON 1 December 2003

SEASON 2 January 2004

1)       “Back at School-2004”- Douglas and Honey apply their magic on Reggie and Trixie, while Douglas faces all his legal and workplace foes all at once.  Can he overcome such odds…read and find out.

2)        “As I walk…you know where!”- Douglas, meets Superintendent Rodriguez and we see Attorney Thomas M. Edwards at work.